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Longaberger NEW Corn Basket - Timeless Elegance - Endless Function!

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What's Old is New Again!

  • As we return to our roots in Dresden, OH, we celebrate our basketmaking heritage with a beloved basket originally introduced in 1979
  • Not available for nearly 25 years, this beautiful basket makes its reprise with an incredible savings of $85!
  • FREE Shipping if ordered in the first 48 hours of sale!!
  • The universal appeal and endless uses of this basket make it a welcome addition to any home in Warm Brown, Pewter or Vintage
  • Carefully crafted exclusively for this offer and featuring the original cut-out handles and a deep inverted bottom, the Corn Basket is estimated to ship in 8-10 weeks
  • Contact me or visit my Longaberger website to order today!


Visit my Longaberger website to order

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